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Pest control & Irrigation solutions

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Servicing Florida since 1986

We’ve been servicing the homeowners of South Florida since 1986 and our customers have rewarded us with long lasting work relationships over the decades. Indoor and outdoor pest control, as well as rodent control and irrigation maintenance. We do what ever it takes to keep your lawn, plants and trees happy and healthy through out the entire year. 

Fertilization & Irrigation Services

Fertilization of your lawn and shrubs helps it stay healthy, and our rodent control services help protect your lawn too! Pump irrigation service and repair is a must to ensure your lawn always gets what it needs. 

Lawn & Ornamental Services

We combat everything that can threaten your yard, including aquatic fungus on trees and shrubs, and even pine bore! We understand what it takes to keep your lawn looking beautiful, and that is exactly what we will do for you. 


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Home Defense Pest Management

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